If you don’t have a packaging specialist working for you, now is the time to contact us. We have the experience and the determination to provide you and your company with the very best packaging solutions. We enjoy working on new packaging designs and providing packaging samples to solve packaging challenges or dilemmas. We are creative in helping our clients brand their packaging and create value to their products. We can easily recommend the best packaging equipment to solve problems and serve your needs. We would be happy to set up a JIT or VMI inventory and delivery system that would save you time, money and energy. We look forward to becoming your packaging problem solver.

Package Design

With over 25 years experience in the packaging and shipping industry, we find great satisfaction in helping clients with new packaging designs and improving existing packaging methods. If you are looking for options or ideas, we would be happy to meet with you and show you examples of successful packaging designs. Thinking outside the box, we can work together to provide you with the very best packaging solutions, including what goes inside the box. Of course, this package design service includes a complete cost analysis to help you choose the packaging solutions that best meet your objectives and fit within your budget.

Marketing & Branding

In today’s competitive economy, it is more important than ever to market and brand your products! Customizing your packaging designs and supplies will help you create your brands and market them to your clients and others. You may want to use printed bags or boxes to differentiate your products from the competition and to expand your brand awareness throughout the marketplace and supply chain. The costs associated with custom printed packaging supplies are often far less than you might think they would be. We have helped many clients who have realized that their custom printed packaging has become a very important part of their business!

Inventory Solutions

In today’s business environment there is no need to carry large and costly inventories of packaging supplies. We have the ability to stock and deliver your custom packaging supplies at just the right time to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. We offer our clients full vendor management of their packaging supplies, helping them save time and money and eliminating (or at least reducing) the costly packaging emergencies with which many companies struggle. Our packaging inventory and vendor management solutions can certainly contribute to the success of your company.

Package & Cost Analysis

We can easily compare the costs and benefits of different packaging designs for your products. We would be happy to provide samples of the different packaging designs for shipping or “eye-ball” tests. We are confident in our ability to provide significant packaging cost savings while enhancing your package and brand.

Equipment & Automation

For many companies, packaging automation and equipment can greatly contribute to their ongoing success. From improving overall operations and increasing efficiencies to maximizing your return on investment, the right equipment can often be a “no brainer” decision. With many or our equipment solutions, we offer month-to-month lease agreements or in-house financing to help with capital expenditures. Of course we provide full manufacturer warranties on all of our equipment and also have in-house packaging technicians that provide preventative maintenance to insure that your equipment is working properly. Our equipment options can often provide the best solution to your packaging challenges.