We have thousands of the most commonly used packaging supplies in stock and available for immediate delivery. We carry over 1600 brown and white stock boxes, all varieties of sealing and specialty tapes, and a full line of paper and plastic bags. We have stretch wrap in all sizes and strengths, poly and steel strapping and cushioning of all kinds. Custom boxes and printed packaging materials for your products are available with small minimum orders and short lead times. With over 25 years of experience utilizing a variety of packaging methods and materials, we have the ability to provide you with the best products to meet your needs. If there is anything remotely related to packaging materials, we either stock it now or would be happy to set up a JIT stocking program for you.


We stock over 1,600 boxes in all sizes and styles available for immediate delivery, specializing in custom printed boxes to market your company and promote your products. For retail products, we offer full color paper boxes. Whether you are looking for a large quantity of one size box or simply need a small quantity of different sizes, custom box solutions are available and economical.


We offer virtually every type of foam imaginable: polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene and polylam to name a few. We provide foam products in rolls, planks, anti-static and die cuts in a wide range of densities. We have extensive experience with foam-in-place packaging and have the very best machines to professionally protect your products!


We offer a full line of carton sealing tapes with acrylic, hot melt or natural rubber adhesives in 1.5 mil to 3.5 mil thicknesses. Custom printing, tamper-evident and strong water activated tapes are available. Masking, bundling, specialty, and duct tapes are all available in various widths and colors.


We offer hundreds of sizes of stock poly bags in clear, zip top, pink anti-static and grey static shielding varieties. We carry a full line of brown paper hardware bags. Custom printed bags and merchandise sacks are also a great way to further your marketing efforts.

Bubble Wrap

Clear, anti-static and recycled bubble wraps are all available in different widths and sizes to protect your most delicate items. Self-sealing bubble mailers and pouches can save time and money in your packaging and shipping department.


Find all the shipping labels for shipment identifications in stock and very economical. White printer labels, thermal labels and ribbons along with the dispensers and printers are readily available. We can also make custom labels to meet your exact needs.


Mailers can save you lots of time and money. We stock tear-proof plastic, recycled paper and bubble mailers from the smallest 4″x6″ size to the largest 24″x36″ to make your shipping quick, effective and economical. Of course, custom printing is available on most all of our products to promote your business.


We stock a complete line of steel industrial strapping. Choose from 3/8″ to 1/2″ light duty, 5/8″ to 3/4″ regular duty (.023) or high tensile (.025) or even 1-1/4″ heavy duty high tensile (.029). We carry many alternative plastic strapping products for a variety of strapping applications and can provide just the right plastic strapping to work in your machine strapping applications. Specialty twine, string and cord strapping that is very economical and efficient for many packaging environments is also available.

Paper Packing

Kraft packing paper is available in various widths and strengths, from 12″-30# to 60″-60#. We have the very best paper packaging machines that provide the most efficient void-fill and cushioning options in the packaging industry.

Stretch Wrap

We have the very best stretch films for you to choose from. We offer the modern high-tech performance stretch films that meet your needs and save you money. We carry the traditional hand stretch wraps and the machine stretch films for your most advanced and efficient wrappers. Of course, our stretch films are available in various widths and strengths, colors and sizes.

Towels & Tissue

We carry a full line of paper towels, paper tissue and industrial wipers along with free dispensers! We offer a complete janitorial line of products including soaps, cleaners and air fresheners and even offer a complete maintenance option.